Also referred to as ‘scratch-off games’, scratch cards have one common endgame - conjuring specific combinations of symbols or at times a single winning symbol. Most casinos such as give players a chance to win real cash while playing scratch cards. This recreates the excitement that comes with playing physical scratch cards but this time, it is at the comfort of your home.

How To Play Scratch Cards Online

The best place to start would be perhaps to mention that when playing scratch cards online, no "physical scratching" is involved. By contrast, you will be dealing with click panels or buttons to disclose whether you've cliched the prize money at stake. The common mechanics employed by online casinos for scratch cards is a 3x3 grid whereby players need to conjure a number of matching symbols for a win.

A sizable number of scratch card games follow the 3x3 mechanic grid where matching symbols win prizes, however, other games have incorporated extra factors such as bonus reels and multiple rounds. As such, these extra features no only lead to greater fun but also larger wins. Players need to ascertain the variance of a scratch card before making a buy with a high variance game having impressive wins.

  • To win, players need to match symbols or an instant-win symbol.
  • Most scratch cards employ the 3x3 mechanic grid.
  • High variance scratch cards have bigger wins.

Winning real money with online scratch cards is entirely down to chance. The only real 'strategy' scratch card players can make in this online casino game is to decide whether they will play with a low variance, also referred to as low jackpot or give high variance a try. For a beginner, start with low variance cards as you gain more experience o transition to high variance scratch cards.

Where to Play Scratch Cards

Online casinos are affording you the chances to play scratch cards, with many of them expanding their libraries to offer you more options. Before, the number of casinos with these names were limited, but they have since increased as the demand for the games increase. With a few clicks, you will not miss many good casinos with scratch cards varieties. You just need to settle for the one you love.

The Best Games with Instant Wins

Given the nature of these games, when they are thrown into the online casino gaming environment, they will remain a favourite to many. In other words, since they are low-roller games, they are accessible to many as compared to other games like Baccarat that, in most cases, tend to attract high-roller casino gamers. Gamers don't have to dress up in exquisite dresses or tuxedos to indulge in this game type.

Finding a Good Casino For Scratch Cards

You should, however, also note that while cards are suitable for all, in some cases, you may come across high-roller cards that allow players to wager hundreds per every scratch. Knowing the type of scratch cards you want to give a try is the major part of knowing where to start. It will also make the process of finding a suitable casino easier.

  • You need to first identify the types of scratch cards you want to play before settling on a particular casino

Scratch Cards Payouts

Scratch cards are in most cases an after-thought for many operators. It's rare to find a casino with more than 10 scratch cards games, but since the demand for the games is rising, you can expect more games as time goes by. The games have theoretical payout rates, which means that in the long run, you end up getting the percentage that your casino states compared to what you wager.

Scratch Card Bonuses

Some casinos want you to have the best experience when playing scratch cards in their sites. They offer you bonuses that are tied to these games once in a while, enabling you to make the best out of your wagers. The good thing about playing these games is that they are easy to play and quick to play. You can also enjoy the games on your mobile device.